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Score! Twenty Years of Rockwell
Beginning in 1995 with the transformation of an unused thermal power plant, the Rockwell Land story began as it converted this into a thriving, self-sustaining community now known as the Rockwell Center. Noew, this flagship development is the first of several exceptional communities, serving as the benchmark of living, leisure, and business.

It’s a member of the Lopez Group of Companies, and it continues raising a standard for living spaces. It creates communities which seamlessly blend residences, work spaces, and lifestyle hubs. These blended communities are all made with the Rockwell signature of innovation, exclusivity, and unparalleled quality.

The Rockwell Purpose
Because of Rockwell’s perceptive understanding of the individual, it has become one of the marks of Rockwell’s success. Rockwell, as a property maverick, recognized the need to extend its breadth, since life is not restricted to the four walls of a home. Today, Rockwell has a signature of exclusivity and luxury, felt even outside the comforts of a residence.
Its vision is “to become the preferred provider of dwelling places for the high-end and upper-mid markets”. Its mission? “To create quality living.”

Venturing into the Broader Market
Rockwell Land ventures into the broader market since it wanted more people to experience quality living. Still retaining Rockwell’s premium character, it also saw the need to create affordable property. And this is where Rockwell Primaries began in 2012.

With a vision to provide the affordable premium experience through its living spaces and communities, Rockwell Primaries was established. Featuring innovative property concepts and customer-centered solutions, it introduced facilities which exceeded industry standards, offering full-cycle customer service. This soon led to lasting property value, because Rockwell Land projects are developed with the same expertise, management team, and project consultants with Rockwell land. The only difference? Accessible payment terms.

As a city within a city, Rockwell Primaries is the developer of pre-selling projects like 53 Benitez in New Manila and The Vantage at Kapitolyo, Pasig City. Rockwell Land Corporation always finds a home in growing communities, as it’s a leading real estate developer in the country. Showcasing the standard of modern living, Rockwell spans an impressive portfolio of developments from top-quality condos, office spaces for lease, and lifestyle hubs for everyone to choose from.

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Pre-Selling Residential Projects
In order to be the benchmark of every development company in the Philippines, Rockwell believes in constantly innovating its projects and services. Thus, every developed property has a certain special quality, making it stand out in a highly competitive industry.

Some examples would be the Joya Lofts and Towers, with its unique 20-foot ceiling architecture, the Z-Lofts of One Rockwell, the Garden Villas of The Edades, and The Grove’s Garden Units. Another example of Rockwell’s unique, innovative designs are the underground passageways which link residents to the Power Plant Mall. Additionally, Rockwell Land is also known for its masterful development plans, its attention to detail, its exquisite landscape architecture examples, and its world-class security features.

One such example is The Proscenium in Rockwell Makati, where Rockwell Land raises the modern standards of quality living in the metropolis. It was designed by the world-famous architect Carlos Ott. Ott’s masterworks include the Opéra de la Bastille in Paris. Thus, The Proscenium stands at the modern edges of high-end residential architectural design.

Giving meaning to a new life of comfort and sophistication, The Proscenium condominiums are located in Rockwell Center, Makati. Apart from these, it has five towers to house different spaces to match any kind of lifestyle. It even has luxuries like state-of-the-art amenities which don’t go out of style, posh retail establishments for your every need and want, and a world-class Performing Arts Theater for your dose of culture. You can now have the privilege of choosing from a diverse set of leisure options every single day.

A resort-like residential enclave amidst the city, The Grove by Rockwell Land is your new home with resort-like amenities and a relaxing patch of greenery in the middle of the bustle of the cities. You can now find comfort, quality living within reach in a home that keeps you close to your work and even closer to your family. The Grove continues to reflect Rockwell’s thrust to provide its residents with a well-balanced lifestyle in a secure and safe community.

It has a wide range of amenities which will distance you from the fast pace of the urban jungle. In the Great Lawn, you can spend quiet, quality time with your family.  At the Amenity Deck, you can have a relaxing swim at the podium pool. If you’re looking to fit an active lifestyle in your busy schedule, you can pump iron in the gym. All these luxe amenities are located within the community, so you can live fully, without skimping on convenience.

How would you live fully? You can also enjoy the best flavors without leaving far from home. The Grove Retail Row has a wide array of choices for every resident with a discerning taste for an explosion of flavor. Choose between exotic cuisines, or casual dining, which are perfected to suit the palate. You can have your lifestyle, your home in Pasig City.

You can experience condo living like you’ve never experienced before in 32 Sanson by Rockwell, bringing new meaning to urban development. Situated in Lahug, Cebu, get all the conveniences of living within the city, while still maintaining a sense of peace and serenity. You can do this as you keep in touch with nature within the development.

Within the four residential towers are a wide array of amenities and facilities which can cater to every need and lifestyle. Additionally, just beyond your doorstep is 3.2 hectares of land, sprawling with greenery. This is masterfully planned, well-thought-out, and artfully landscape. You can now find your new home in the Queen City of the South and even feel the natural Cebuano warmth through the vibrant community.

Hotel and Leisure
A wholly-owned subsidiary is the newest segment arm of Rockwell Land, Rockwell Hotels and Leisure Management Corporation. In the future, look for its expansion projects, developing its own line of premium hotels and leisure clubs.

One such leisure club is our accommodation in Makati City is Aruga by Rockwell. Rockwell is now making its foray into Makati accommodations and leisure options after 20 years of redefining and creating quality living, all the while re-envisioning the Makati skyline. Keeping its signature brand of exclusivity and luxury for its patrons, it still keeps its reputation for its attention to detail. Thus, Aruga by Rockwell is proof that Rockwell takes pride in providing foresight for the little things amidst the backdrop of outstanding and sincere hotel service.

Inspired by the Asian Contemporary style, Aruga by Rockwell has 114 fully-furnished apartments infused with the Rockwell signature. It does this with sophisticated interior design and quality finishes. Crafted to suit the needs of every kind of traveler, these apartments have units ranging from studios to one- to two-bedroom accommodations. These Makati accommodations can fit the lifestyle of any jet-setting individual or the touring family.

The Rockwell Club’s vision is “Redefining the Good Life”, and planning for the Club officially began in January 1996. To help make this vision a reality, experts from International Leisure Consultants were brought in.

Opening its gates to the public in 1998, Rockwell Center was able to create a gentle, leisurely setting for city living within a year. It has since become a model for new developments around the metro. Thus, in April 1999, the Rockwell Club began to take form with the assembly of a top team. All of this was done to oversee everything from hiring the service crew, to choosing the elegant china, to taste-testing the Club’s wide range of menus.

In May 1999, the creation of the Rockwell Club’s greenery, pools, and landscape architecture began. Based on cascading waters and brooks, the concept was also based on natural water elements that would run through the entire length of the whole garden.

It officially opened its doors to its members in July 1999. What’s more, state-of-the-art equipment began filling up the gym, while the tennis courts were built to match globally-competitive specifications. Undertaking the task of building a new home, the Club itself went under construction to developing the Club for “the good life”.

After only a month of construction, furniture prototypes were brought in and approved for production. The exterior architecture was then beginning to take shape. While this was happening, interior details, accessories, lighting fixtures, and furnishings were chosen to breathe life into the wonderful Club. Craig Roberts and Associates, an international interior design firm, saw to it that the designs created by designers Craig Roberts and Sazevich and Faulkner would come into fruition.

Presently, The Rockwell Club has indeed been succeeding in ”Redefining the Good Life”. Now, The Rockwell Club has been in operation for more than a decade, and it has vastly improved its facilities since then. It has also perfected and improved upon the services it renders for its patron. Still living on today, as the Club continually sets to seek new standards of luxury for its members, the Club still remembers its goal of redefining the good life today.

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Retail and Office Spaces
Envisioned as a mixed-use development, Rockwell Center is known as a “city within a city” that fulfills the needs of a growing community of residents, tenants, and professionals. These people put their confidence in the Rockwell brand of lifestyle and luxury.

Made of Grade-A-quality office towers, The Rockwell Business Center Ortigas was designed for modern businesses. Fully equipped with the latest IT infrastructure, it also has redundant power back-up systems for safety and convenience. To ensure that you are always on time for meetings at the office or at power lunches at the various retail offering located in the ground floor of the structure, high-speed elevators were ensured to be built.

At the forefront of Rockwell Properties being as much places of business as they are living communities is 8 Rockwell. With 31,000 sqm of leasable office space and business space, 8 Rockwell is also a certified LEED GOLD development. With its floor-to-ceiling glass exteriors, it gives an unobstructed view of the city skyline and neighboring business centers.

In 8 Rockwell, office units for lease can be enjoyed with towering privileges and the superior comfort only Rockwell can give. Also, prominence meets convenience with neighboring restaurants and shopping establishments at the heart of Rockwell Center. This is where industry giants and renowned brands are also housed.

Providing a unique experience for the discerning shopper is Power Plant Mall, conveniently tucked away in the verdant “city within a city” development. With more than 300 establishments housing a mix of specialty brands, lifestyle retailers, signature mini-anchors, themed restaurants, and state-of-the-art cinemas, Power Plant Mall has a four-level complex that promises low density, as well.

At the thriving business district between Makati and Ortigas, Rockwell Land expands its office portfolio in a location that’s aptly placed at the middle of it all. Offering two Grade-A towers, The Rockwell Business Center – Sheridan also has an expansive 44,000 square meters worth of office space along with 3,800 square meters worth of retail selections. Balancing leisure and work, both towers are equipped with top-of-the-line security. Aside from that, you also get world-class facilities and a lush garden deck to provide a breezy atmosphere. Bringing to life Rockwell’s signature brand of quality, each component also keeps in mind the professional’s need for a conducive environment. Truly, it creates a balance between work and recreation.

The Highest Residential Yield with Rockwell
A development which incorporated the construction of several high-rise residential towers, an upscale shopping mall, office spaces, an exclusive city club, and a prestigious graduate business and law school, Rockwell Center is a development that was guided by a master plan to create a city within a city. Built in the 1990s, these establishments and structures were all built with the promise of fortifying today’s indelible Rockwell stamp on life and style.

We are certain that Rockwell properties are and will definitely be considered assets on your portfolio. The developments’ pre-selling prices per square meter are steadily increasing year per year. In 1996, those who have invested far back in this year have now more than doubled their money. With a capital value appreciation of 115%, Rockwell residences are projected to have the highest residential yield in Metro Manila.

Rockwell Land’s continuous development has even appreciated the land value of posh, neighboring villages. Truly, you’re assured that a piece of Rockwell is a prime investment property that cuts above the rest.